Secrets of lightening-fabulous skin


  • Lumps of dry turmeric mixed with lemon juice stains by applying Phase seem to disappear quickly. Dry Skin in milk to remove the stains Find sandalwood depreciated.
  • Bruises Find depreciated in red sandalwood rose water will take care of 20 days. The ten-twelve drops of lemon, add the tomato mixture to remove stains on the face are applying.
  • Often stomach spots appear on the face, so at least three times a day, drink lemonade, in a few weeks will face shone.
  • At least 5-6 times a day with soap, wash face with glycerin. Do not use any kind of cosmetics.
  • Tea, coffee, meat, fish, etc., do not drink alcohol. Intake of vitamin C is very beneficial for the skin. Take vitamin C as a lemon.


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