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fairness skin traetment

  • Make a paste of honey on the face and neck. If it is dry, sticky fingertips to massage the face. When completely dry, wash with cold water and wash with hot water. This will tighten the skin and shiny form. Hydro oily skin harshly and you will make it around.
  • Two teaspoons of soybean flour, a tablespoon of yogurt and honey to make a paste and put the mixture on the face and wash the face while. It comes in the skin tightness.
  • Almonds, roses, ground nutmeg Chiraunji and soak in milk at night. Find it by grinding the morning rouge. It stains the face and skin patinated becomes eradicated.
  • Our skin is often burn incense and becomes black. Common to undo skin color leaves, berries, Daruhldi, molasses and the paste by mixing equal quantities of turmeric and put it on the body. Please take some time after the bath. The coat texture of the skin glows.
  • Neem leaves, rose leaves, marigold and boil all the juice in a bowl of water and put it on the face.
  • The pimples are closed out.
  • Sandalwood, rose water, mint juice and grape juice to make a paste by mixing the paste and apply on the face. After some time, wash face with cold water. This face pack facial wrinkles will fade.


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