Is helpful in weight loss 5 types of tea

There is no shortage of fans of Indian tea. Some people do not so good habit of drinking tea, but tea is not at work in their lives, some mandatory. Tea is often debated the advantages and disadvantages. It is not just the loss of tea, its many advantages. Let us know the advantages of various types of tea, which are helpful in weight loss.

According to scientific research are certain elements in tea, which are very important for your health. These are the 5 types of tea, which you can lean.

He drinks so you get the energy and freshness, can also help in weight loss. It is usually a cup of tea every day, you all know that heart attacks, arthritis, tooth decay and even cancer takes away from you.

In addition to concerns property, (this is the reason that certain elements) are very effective in reducing the weight. There are 5 types of tea, which will make you slim.

weight loss Drinking a Tea

  • Star Anis T: Star Anis tea improves digestion. The tea in China is made from the fruit of the year fruiting plants. The tea is used to cure digestive ailments such as stomach upset, diarrhea and vomiting after. The tea in hot water for 10 minutes to an entire pod can enter. Drain the water and if you want to drink sweet sugar or honey and mix it and drink it in small sip-ranging. You will get rid of stomach disorders.
  • Peeprment Tea (mint extract): If you like tea Peeprment so you can drink green tea instead of changing times. Both the tea is very beneficial in improving digestion. Peeprment leaves are used to make the tea. It can be drunk hot or cold. To make it a teaspoon fresh or dried leaf Put into boiling water. Let them in water for 4 to 5 minutes and then drink honey if desired filter.
  • Green Tea: This tea can be found in terms of research chemicals EGCG enhances the body's metabolism, which works to reduce body weight. Makes up about 70 calories a day. Green tea contains antioxidants Ketecins, which increases metabolism and reduces fat. This tea set at 85 ° C is about 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Rose Tea : Rose Tea in the old flavor of tea is found. It is made from fresh roses and buds. The body is like a therapy. It is not only beautiful skin by removing toxins in the body but also makes vitamin A, B3, C, D and E are not, as well as the fight draws from these infections.
  • Aolong Tea (Oolong Tea): Research has revealed that Aolong T, a fermentative process is ready. It is more effective than green tea. The tea burns fat and cholesterol and body fat lowers dissolved. Aolong 2 cups of tea daily for weight loss is recommended.


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