How to take care of hair in winter

As it is every season, every month is important for us in our skin and hair. But the weather according to your skin, hair and body care and increases their beauty. In the cold winter winds and dry weather makes our hair is completely lifeless. Hair's natural oil is not good enough for this season naturally beautiful and to strengthen the hair. So let's try some home remedies can be extended in the winter beauty of hair.
How to take care of hair in winter

Noticeable things -

  • Do not use hair to an own hot temperature. Whether they use a hair dryer to dry hair to style hair styling or whether to use the machine.
  • To wash hair from normal to use some hot water. More hot water are greatly increased his chances of being my hair stiff and dandruff.
  • If possible, before going out to keep your hair tied up. If a pony tail or braid tied. Covered with a silk scarf or hair left.
  • moisturizing cream or hair serum is a good company to use on your hair.
    Do not use hair to an own hot temperature

A few things to note

  • The use of oil - in the winter, our head in dry skin is important because regular oiling. To strengthen hair. Not necessarily be kept oiled hair for several hours. 15 minute
  • 1 or 2 hours after a good massage washable oiled hair shampoo is good. If the head of steam after oiling the hair nourished and increases in skin. Towel dipped in hot water to steam to squeeze her head lay on. On cooling to happen again.
  • Oiling tip - dry hair as usual, to put so much oil that the oil is largely drowned. After 1 hour, then wash. Do not use too much shampoo. In hair conditioning will be natural.
    strengthen hair
  • Washed properly - good shampoo hair wash is required. Washed with a mild shampoo hair lightly with hot water. Taking the time to take a look at the amount of shampoo at least SPF in it if possible or not. It does not use much volume shampoo. And while washing is not necessary to use just one shampoo. Not necessarily all the oil out of hair every time because the next time the extra oil until soft maintains the hair. But it's not so much dust and sand drag oil and dandruff in the hair, which will be increased dirt.
  • Conditioning (conditioning) - If the hair is much carpet to use a good rich conditioner. After that he will find the strength lightly to use the serum. If the oil in the hair before washing was very well put the conditioner use it, take the direct serum. Nowadays, many big hair dresser instead of conditioner to use Direct recommend moisturizing cream or serum. Because natural oil is more useful. Not oily hair conditioner made so much.
  • Drying - these we have already spoken to the hair to dry naturally on. Bright sun if you do not require or forbid the use of a blow dryer.

  • Scarves - to avoid cold in winter we use Wooln take hats or scarves. But it significantly increases the chances of breaking force. So try to use the silk scarf.

Home remedies -

  • Hair loss (hair fall) - 2 small onions 2 tablespoons honey torn got her to take out the juice. Now the juice by using the hair follicles leave for 15 minutes. 15 minutes to wash the shampoo well. From the first time you will see the difference.
  • Children grow - above the green onions and coriander juice to honey mixture. This effect can be seen from regular use.
  • Dandruff - a unique measure of onion juice and honey for my dandruff disappear.olive oil - olive oil, light massage with heated. These dandruff a better conditioning hair will only delete.
  • Neem leaves - neem leaves to boil and filter it. The water to wash the hair. Hey this is a very good antiseptic. Because a kind of dandruff fungus hey hey, this is quite effective.
    Neem leaves - neem leaves to boil and filter it
  • Conditioning (conditioning) - pack of honey - honey on them after brushing hair nicely fitted pack. Spoon 2 tablespoons of honey mixed with hot water to dilute it to get a little. Then with the help of a brush from root to end thought. Wash with hot water to keep the light after 20 minutes.
  • Banana Pack - half a banana, 1 tablespoon olive oil (olive oil), ½ cup yogurt in the blender to mix. Now put in the hair for half an hour to pack. Then wash with warm water to take lightly.


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