How to increase sex energy

Sex is the most precious gift given by nature to human beings. It is the integral part of one’s life. It creates a strong bond between husband and wife, gives pleasure and reduces anxiety, anger, depression and tension. Hence it is necessary to keep the sex power alive to enjoy sex life to the fullest.

Natural Sex Enhancers

There are many sex enhancers to boost the sex energy for both men and women. The two main substances produced in the men and women’s body are testosterone and nitric oxide. These are required for a better longer lasting sex between the couples. Testosterones result in a strong sex drive and oxides help in orgasm by increasing the blood flow to the genitals.  The improvement of blood flow to the genitals can be increased by use of some herbs like horny goat weed, Ginseng, tongot Ali and tribulus. These herbs are known to boost the sex drive and improve sexual power.. These herbs also help in overall wellness of the body
Moderate exercise can help in increasing sex energy to a great extent. Simple push-ups or 30 minutes of regularly walking or jogging can work wonders in building sex power.Sex and exercise both make a person sweat, increase blood circulation, diminish stress and burn calories.  They make one feel better and confident. Exercise helps in making sex more enjoyable and satisfying. The exercises of the legs, backs and chest enhance the release of testosterones in men and women. It also increases the flexibility in one’s body in order to accommodate in different positions.Men need cardio exercises in order to have a sustained erection…

 Foods to Boost sex energy

Certain foods are loaded with nutrients that boost sex drive and increase one’s staying power. Eating these foods help in increasing bedroom power. They  help in increasing the production of sex hormones. Vitamins and minerals keep one sexually healthy. The diet that provides energy to sex contains  vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required for a healthy body.  Zinc is one of the most important ingredients for the proper functioning of the prostate glands of a man. It helps in prostate infections, prostate cancer  and help  sperm production.
Oysters, dried pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashew nuts, sesame seeds, and walnuts are best sources of zinc.Nuts and seeds are also rich sources of arginine, an amino acid which is essentially required for healthy erections and sperm production.
Fruits like apples, apricots, blueberries, cherries, papayas etc.  Play a vital role in keeping the body sexually healthy. Fresh and leafy green vegetables like asparagus, carrots, cucumber, and spinach are the best source for most vitamins and minerals.
Dates – Eat 5 – 7 dates everyday for a week to see surprising sexual stamina.
Aswagandha – It is  a gift for Indians. Consume Aswagandha lehyam (paste) 10 grams for instant sexual stamina. You can find the result in few hours. You can find aswagandha in the nearest ayurvedic shop.

Lifestyle – 

A healthy lifestyle that keeps a person active with proper food and adequate exercise help in improving one’s sex power. Diet plays a big role in one’s sex life. Healthier the person better is the sex life. Sex life reflects the lifestyle one leads. Do pranayama(in yoga) everyday for excellent sexual stamina.


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