How can men manage their anger?

Our life is filled with ups and downs. There are endless reasons due to which an individual becomes angry. Stress and tension can be an important reason for anger in many men. People usually get angry when they see something happens which he dislikes. Some of the small reasons for people to get angry include dropping of a call during an important discussion, sticking chewing gum while you sit down, and scolding of boss when you are innocent. Different people get angry due to different reasons. Some men get angry quite quickly as compared to others. Generally a hot tempered person gets angry more quickly than others. But, research has found out few ways of managing anger.

Ways of managing anger in men
Avoid ego battles
Self Esteem and ego can be an important reason for men’s anger. If you can win over it, anger control will never be a problem to you. If a person is standing in front of a person who is really angry, it will be advisable to avoid those facts and topics which will boost his ego concern.
Play diversion
An individual can easily avoid the reason of anger faced by the other person and speak about something else. It is really a good idea to divert the mind of an angry person and help him go beyond every limit to laugh and enjoy. Speaking about a different topic may interest him and he might speak about something else. This way, it will be quite easy for him to get out of angry mind.
Keep calm
An angry person can become angrier if when you shout at him. This can also lead to a negative battle. The best way to tackle this situation will be to keep quite till the other person’s anger comes down. You can also listen to him continuously without avoiding as this will help him to realize that you are listening to the problem faced by him and are highly concerned about making him content and satisfied.
Make him do as per desire
It is really an important step for a person who is angry. Every person has his own likings. If you can realize his likings and get him do exactly what he desires, his anger will be converted into happiest moment in life. You can now proceed to know about the desire of a particular person and help him proceed with the same. You may not even realize but the anger will be quite likely to evacuate.
A stressed person generally seems to be angry. If you can reduce some stress with psychological treatment, anger can easily get evacuated easily. An angry person faces variety of health conditions such as his breath becomes faster, blood pressure of the person rises, he may get heart attack etc. Thus, if any one of your family member is angry, you must attempt to make him calm down. It will be very good for the person concerned as well as you. This way, stress level and anger in men can be reduced


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