How to flirt when you are married

Why can't a couple indulge in some healthy flirting if it only peps up the romantic quotient?

There is a different kick in living the life of lovers even after marriage. Well, sticking to the husband and wife garb can take a backseat and life can be made a lot interesting with some healthy flirting ideas. Here's how:

Indulge in some sex-ting

Well guys, you can do it, can't you? Carry the bedroom talk forward as you get to express your horny desires on the texting platform as you exchange messages. It will let you get even closer as a madly in love couple.

Love limericks

Indulge in some short and sweet poem formats and rediscover the charm of being in love. Express your love for each other in a different way than the usual mode and get a different kick out of the exercise.

Get into some physical flirting

Well, being tactile helps a lot to say so many things. Touch says a lot of things without a single word being uttered. So, let your touch communicate all the naughty thoughts on your mind that you want your spouse to know.

Sign language

A little bit of imagination and a sense of humor and lots of gestures - obviously suggestive gestures - all you need in life is some spunk. So go ahead and flirt maximum to get the maximum attention and enjoy the magical spells of being in a relationship.


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