15 ways to lose weight.Without Sweating

15 ways to lose weight.   Without Sweating

15 way to lose weight

Obesity is troubled youth.

 At an early age is facing many types of diseases. Most people do not pay attention to rising obesity in the beginning, but when it rises too high Loss for obesity hours are Sweating. Is important to improve diet to lose weight. There are some natural things, whose intake is weight control. So if you're not too hard to lose weight then follow the above steps are small. This will minimize your increasing weight.  

- Vegetables and fruits are low in calories

 so to take them more volume. Do not eat banana and sapota. These obesity increases. Making mint tea reduces obesity. 

- Food tomato and onion salad with black pepper and salt to taste.

 These body, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, potassium, lycopene and lutein Mileega. Eating them after eating and weight control will be filled quickly.
Eat papaya regularly. It is found in every season. Prolonged intake of papaya decrease excess fat from the waist. 

- Excess body fat yogurt intake decreases.

 Make two or three times a day intake of buttermilk. 

- Little People by grinding to a fine powder Drain off her clothes.

 The powder residue with three grams daily morning pick up from the stomach goes out.


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