The perfect seasonal treat colds

The perfect seasonal treat colds

Turmeric is quite beneficial in the treatment of seasonal colds. The smoke from burning turmeric to treat runny nose bike will be faster Discharge from the nose and get immediate relief. If the nose is blocked cinnamon, pepper, cardamom and cumin seeds in equal amounts over the dam, take a cotton cloth and making them sneeze will Sungen.
cold treatment tips

10 g wheat bran, five cloves and some salt mixed with water to make it boil and brew. Will benefit from drinking a cup of brew. Although the common cold is usually very light-weight. Whose symptoms remain for a week or less. But about eating habits, etc. We must be very alert and signs of the common cold should be treated with the proper drugs etc..

When diphtheria great prop to gargle with decoction of cassia. 

Basil and ginger are good in this season. Abide in basil are fairly remedial properties which are effective in prevention of colds and flu etc.. Keeps cold and flu away from chewing leaves of basil. Similarly, leaves of basil and Bansa (each 5 g) in water, mix and brew grinding prepare. It will benefit in cough and asthma.


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