Remove Dandruff Permanently from curd

Dandruff it is a common problem, but remain consistent to Dandruff long hair is not good for health. Many times these problems are very serious. Use many good products that have little impact on. If you use too many hair products have been upset, but not to go Dandruff the above methods then Find in hair yogurt. Dandruff will end.
dandruff problems

Some reason of Dandruff - 

- Do not clean the hair properly.
- Hair not getting the right nutrition.
- Do not apply oil to the hair.
- More stress or perspiration may also stir up the problem.
- Glands that produce sebum being more active.
- Less drinking water or lack of nutrients in the diet may also Dandrf. 

- Spoon yogurt, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon granulated catechu, 1 tsp turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon dried mint powder. All these together, keep about two hours. Find her on the hair. Wash hair after an hour. This hair will be soft and dark. Dandruff will be clear.

- Find yogurt into the flour by dissolving the hair roots. Wash hair after an hour. This will return the shine of hair and also will avoid the problem of dandruff.

- Apply to hair yogurt mixed with a little pepper powder. Wash hair after an hour. It must twice a week. This will eliminate Dandruff. Also, the hair soft, black, will be long and dense.

- Bedtime massage with mustard oil in the hair by the roots. Sikakai morning wash the hair with water.
Sikakai morning wash the hair with water. It may not then anyone can use herbal shampoo. Doing so will root in a few weeks Dandruff.


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