Have you heard of Photo-facials?

he Indian aesthetic industry over the last few years has seen a surge in demand of the invasive and non-invasive beauty procedures - whether it is the now ubiquitous laser hair removal or 'mommy-makeovers' that include tummy tucks and stretch-marks removal.

As a result, there have been major advancements in cosmetology especially the field of cosmetic laser technology that have broadened options for the beauty-conscious to opt from an array of procedures and treatments. The latest to have entered the Indian market is the BBL (or Broadband Light).

Dr Aarushi Passi, cosmetic physician at Reva Aesthetics clinic in New Delhi says, "BBL that is basically a broad range of wavelengths of light that allow targeted treatment for many skin conditions such as pigmentation and red spots. Its interchangeable light filters adapt well to Indian skin tone and texture and can be used for a wide range of skin treatments, including non-invasive face-lift and fine hair removal." The newly opened Reva Aesthetics clinic in South-Extension Part II is one of the first clinics in the country to have brought the BBL Sciton machine for such a procedure. The BBL technology has been endorsed by all mainstream cosmetic skin clinics across the world.

What to expect from a photo-facial procedure
Photo-facial is basically a skin rejuvenation procedure performed with the above-mentioned BBL technology. Each photo-facial rejuvenation treatment lasts up to 60 minutes. Most upscale cosmetic clinics have doctors and specialists to help you locate a treatment that will best suit your skin type and problem(s). Dr Shubhangi Perkar, dermatologist at Reva Aesthetics clinic says, "Whether it a first-time procedure on a new client or a follow-up treatment, we make sure that all beauty and aesthetics services meet the international standards of cosmetic healthcare, together with a personalised service that is best suited for the client."

To prep your for the procedure, the therapist will remove all make-up, sunblock and face creams that you'd be wearing. Men should shave 4-5 hours before the treatment. Before you enter the treatment room, your pre-procedure mug-shots are clicked that help in a comparison post procedure. Eye shields will be applied to protect the eyes. A cool soothing gel is applied on the skin prior to the treatment, which will help reduce any discomfort.

"The hand-held BBL Sciton device delivers a bright burst of light that penetrates through the skin and is absorbed by dilated vessels and excessive pigmentation, without any damage to the skin. By utilizing specific light parameters the tone, texture and elasticity of the skin can be improved with no downtime," says Dr Perkar. Generally three to five photo-facial rejuvenation treatments (each 3 weeks apart) is recommended, depending on the skin type of an individual.

Benefits of Photo-facial

Quick and painless, the photo-facial treatment can treat and reduce the extent of skin conditions like hyper pigmentation, excessive sun-damage, wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging, broken capillaries, acne, brown spots, birth marks etc. "By stimulating the collagen the skin becomes smoother and healthier giving the skin a youthful appearance," says Dr Aarushi Passi.

Post-treatment precaution

There can be mild redness and sensitivity, similar to mild sunburn following the treatment that generally lasts up to 24 hours. Avoid direct sun exposure, hot showers and sauna during this time as it may aggravate the condition. It takes a week to 15 days for the procedure to show effect.


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