Four-step night regime

Check out this four-step night beauty regime for flawless skin.
Double cleansing: Thoroughly cleanse your skin first with a makeup remover and then use a cleanser before going to sleep.

Massage and mask: 

A facial massage at least two to three times a week is the secret to glowing skin. You could even use a gentle scrub. Facials improve blood circulation, relieve stress, stimulate oxygen and nutrients flow that improve elasticity. They also open the skin pores. You can apply a mask on the days you don't use a facial.


Many think that a toner is a waste of time, but it closes the pores, removes dead skin cells and residue from cleansers.

Essence and moisturize: 

Essence are very light, liquid concentrated treatments to correct skin problems. It is easily absorbed by the skin. Use a moisturizer five minutes after applying the essence for maximum absorption.


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