Shweta Live Delivery shooting scene, has created excitement.

Famous actress, model and television anchor Shweta Menon was birthday on April 23. Shweta was born on April 23, 1974 have been 41 years old. Shweta's career that he's the biggest controversy is the movie "Kalimnnu" Shoot the scene was live delivery. Here are some selected pictures of Shweta
Shweta was twisted to shoot live delivery. Let me tell you that the delivery of live scene in the film was 45 minutes. Film-born child. If the daughter of the Sweta. His name was Sbaina before stepping into the world of movies, she has won many competitions.
"Kalimnnu 'was directed by Blessy. The film's director, said in an interview, that he began to shoot the film Shweta. When she was 5 months pregnant.
In 2013 came the most important part of the film was shot Shweta live delivery. There were plenty who made headlines.
Among the films she has made many television shows, award functions, and many other programs had anchored.
 Live Delivery was used three cameras to shoot.

Film Kalimnnu 'scene was shot in the live delivery. Here are some selected pictures of Shweta


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