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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone’s Love Life

LOVE STORY: Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone’s Love Life

1)With the recent shoulder injury, Deepika proved again that Ranveer Singh has a special place in her life. Well she took care of Ranveer in the hospital by being his side whole night.

Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone’s
Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone’s

2)Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh had a rather explosive night in Dubai,the duo enjoyed a late night at a pub in Dubai. Ranveer and Deepika danced closely on the dance floor for almost an hour and exchanged quick pecks on the cheek then and now. Ranveer had apparently found some time off between his two films - Ram Leela and Gunday, because of which he decided to fly off to Dubai and enjoy with friends, Deepika was also shooting there for Race

3)They often hang out together with common friends. Also they are often being clicked together at various parties and events.

4)Deepika and Ranveer have always been together on special occassions. Deepika celebrated her birthday with Ranveer in New York and they spent a lot of time together. Then Ranveer even accompanied her to her home where she went for meeting her parents.

5)Ranveer Singh never shied away from expressing his likeness for Deepika. The two of them are no longer shy in front of cameras and paparazzi.

Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone’s
Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone’s

6)The two became close during the shooting of Ram Leela. Ranveer Sigh confessed that this film shooting brought Deepika close to him and made a special place for herself in his heart

7)Shah Rukh Khan threw a party for everyone at his Palm Jumeirah villa. Ranveer dropped by for a few days with Deepika as her Dubai schedule is a long one. The whole cast and crew of Happy New Year was present and everybody let their hair down. Deepika and Ranveer were among the last ones to leave.

8)Ranveer Singh has dropped by Deepika Padukone's set more than often. He went on the sets of Tamasha which stars Deepika and Ranbir Kapoor. He use to watch Deepika give her shot and then gave his suggestions on improvisations. He encouraged her a lot.

Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone’s
Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone’s

9)Ranveer never left any opportunity to impress Deepika's family. At the award functions Ranveer greeted her younger sister and mother like a complete gentleman.

10)Also he made sure they smiled when he performed.

Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone’s

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