jokes Vidya Balan Blouse Is Nominated For

A Guy Sits In A Taxi And Sees His Wife Entering A Hotel With Another Man
He Ask The Driver: “Do You Want To Earn Rs 1000 Right Away?.”
The Driver Excitedly Says: “What Do I Have To Do?”
Man: “Bring My Wife By The Hair Out Of That Hotel, Here’s A Picture Of Her.”
After A While The Driver Is Seen Dragging A Woman By The Hair,
While Kicking And Beating Her And Puts Her In The Taxi.
The Husband Surprised And Says Says: “This Is Not My Wife”
The Driver Replied: “Nooooo, This Is Mine, Hold Her For Me. I’m Going For Yours“

Breaking News…

Vidya Balan Blouse Is Nominated For . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Best Supporting Role.

Salman Khan Ne Baba Saxidas Ji Ka Bada Naam Suna Tha
To Ek Din Ja Pahuncha Unke Pass Aur Bola
Salman Khan: “Kitne Percent Log Samajte Hai Ki Meri Aur Katrina Ki Shaadi Hogi?”
Baba Ji: “Sirf 10%”
Salman: “Just 10% Why?”
Baba Ji: “Kyuki 90% Log Khud Katrina Se Shaadi Karna Chahte Hai“


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