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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Funny whatsapp jokes collection

Me and my crush have one thing in common! We never talked
to each other! ;_;
Smile at a cute foreigner girl & her
whole family will smile at you.
Smile at a cute Indian girl & her
whole family will beat you
Girl 1: I am worried babe
Girl 2: About what babe?
Girl 1: My boyfriend isn't liking my profile
pictures now
Girl 2: OMG, he has an affair
Wife: I lost my keys again.
Husband: It's in your Jeans.
Wife: Don't drag my family into this!

Pati Aur Patni ke zagade

Patni:- main tumse jo kuch bhi kahti hu tum ek kaan se sunkar doosre se nikaal dete ho.
Pati:-aur main tumse kuch bhi kahta hu to tum dono kaan se sunkar muh se nikaal deti ho.

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