Dharam Patni kyo real patni...Funny

Dharam Pita... not real father.

Dharam Maa... not real mother.

Dharam Putra... not real son.

Dharam Bhai...... not real brother.

Dharam Behan... not real sister.

But how this zabardast mistake happened? Dharam PATNI... means REAL WIFE.

Pata Karo Shashtro Main Kahan Galti Huyi... !!����

Husband Fishing caught by Wife

Wife: Har Hafte Weekend Daramiyan Tum Fishing Karne Jate Ho Na?


Husband: Haan To kya huva?


Wife: Aaj Woh Machhli Ghar Aayi Thi,
Keh Rahi Thi Woh Maa Ban ne Wali Hai …


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