Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises You

Even a man who is a little larger-than-average in the size would like to be bigger thanks to natural male enhancement workouts. This is even twice as much important for those who know they lack the length and girth they feel they truly deserve.
This desire to achieve a bigger and more powerful erection is simply a constant. What is more, there are countless products and exercise programs available for growth of your dick.
The problem facing anyone who wants “larger measurements” is finding out which of these are actually going to work.

In other words, this often means wasting valuable time and money on things that at the very least aren't going to do a single thing. At the very worst, shoddy products and incorrectly done workouts can damage your health, sexual or otherwise.

So what’s the solution then? Are there any effective ways to grow your dick that actually work?

(BE AWARE – This is just a short and not precise description of individual workouts, therefore if you will not do yourself a lot more research on these on internet or if you will not get more detailed info from precise step-by-step guide you may see no size difference and you probably will end up harming yourself)!

No. 1 – Stretching It Out
A worthwhile tactic for increasing your “inches” involves simply stretching your “little buddy” out. This is done in a very simple manner:
Grasp your penile head upwards.
Stretch it out.
Count to ten.
Do this daily (for five minutes).

Extra tip: You can also stretch it to the left and right for the same amount of time.
Here’s different stretching workout you can try as well.
Hold the tip of your “buddy” with one hand.
Use the other to place your thumb at base of your penis.
Hold this stretching position for ten seconds, then release.
Do it again.
This can be done once or twice during day for five minutes.

 The Backwards Method

This one is rather dangerous and potentially harmful so seek some advice from professional guide:
With your thumbs, pull the skin of your cock backwards towards your body.
Your other fingers will be providing support under the shaft.
Hold this position in a firm manner for ten seconds.
Five minutes a day should be all you need.
Safety Tip: Do not hold the position for longer than this, and do not hold it so tightly as to cut off your blood circulation.

The Opposite Directions Workout

Here’s an exercise that might make you flinch a little just reading about it, but make no mistake as to its effectiveness.

Put one hand on tip of your phallus.
Then put the other on its base.
Pull it in opposite directions for ten seconds at a time.
Do this for five minutes a day.
Safety Tip: Do not continue if you feel pain. Do not do this without proper and detailed guidance by experts.

Kegel Method

It’s fairly common knowledge that Kegel exercises are beneficial to women in a variety of ways. However, very few men know that you can make your dick to look larger just by maintaining more control over the erection itself.

Start by contracting your PC muscle daily 20-30 times.
Then go for more contractions later on.
Eventually, you’ll be able to not only feel it, but you’ll also be able to control the muscle itself. Consequently, this will lead to a very noticeable increase in your length and girth as more blood will flow to your dick. Your girl will be particularly aware of your gains during sex.


Before starting this particular method of exercising, make sure you’re already semi-erect.

Massage your “little buddy” by pulling it outwards from your base in a repetitive motion.
You can accomplish this by alternating between hands.
The benefit of doing this is that you’re pushing blood from base to head.
You can repeat it as much as you please.
My Advice: Consider starting out at a low number, and then going from there.


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