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Long hair home made tips 

For long hair is usually necessary that you adopt an external products so your hair healthy home remedy has not been adopted and may be longer.
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Healthy Hair Tips

Try these Tips

  •  You need to have long hair hair from time to time to massage oil. 
  • At least twice in the week, not only to you but also good hair just have to massage the oil so that oil can go to the roots. 
  • To be used in hair oil, coconut oil, Sikakai, almond oil, mustard oil, olive oil, used oil Anvlayukt have a try.
  •  Get the most nutrition for your hair and the hair will be too long.
  •  If you wash the hair three or four times a week, try one hour before every hair wash oily hair or scalp yogurt items but be careful that they do not Ayli do it if. 
  • The only way to get nourishment to the hair right out of your hair will be good growth of hair. So in a month or two you may want to apply henna on the hair.

  • If you want that your hair is not too long and the hair problem, you should keep in mind that hair again and again, go right color, do not use too much external products. 

        • Hair Straightening with the press, so as to experiment with things on hair for your hair better be avoided. Amla is very beneficial to nourish the hair. Vitamin C is abundant in Anvlen.
        •  In addition Bailevonaid Amla, Levons and get nutrients like Karotinaid are helpful in hair growth. So you should not just eat Amla Amla pack but is also making a point of putting on hair. By applying a paste of fenugreek seeds hair is thick and long. In addition to conditioning the hair is very beneficial Sikakai


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