After the release of the accused involved in prostitution Shweta Prasad told Own story.

After the release of the accused involved in prostitution Shweta Prasad told Their story.

Actress Shweta Prasad was arrested on charges of prostitution two months after the release of Home Rescue has been. At the moment he is living with his family in Mumbai. After being caught in a quagmire of prostitution and prison release broke his silence for the first time is Shweta. Read the media Sakshtkar their Excerpts:
involved in prostitution Shweta Prasad

Shweta his point, saying in an interview that the media except me and someone complains. Shweta says being in custody because their families were not even talk. He said that during my statement regarding reports that were shown in the media all of them are false. The reports generated by those who I'm thinking of legal proceedings against them.

I shall before conviction and the media should wait till I come. I should get the right to defend yourself. When I was in police custody had commanded me neither watch television nor read newspapers.

On the other hand, the support given to them by the media Shweta says, I am now gone home. This legal case, so I would not go into details, but one thing that I am whole episode entirely unaffected.

 involved in prostitution Shweta Prasad
 Shweta Prasad Basu South Indian Actress

What happened at that time

During that says Shweta herself caught me in Hyderabad Sachs did not call any agent. I was going into the awards ceremony. My air tickets and living arrangements awards managers who had not. I still have the ticket. I do not deny there had red but the truth is that most have come out in front.

What prostitution and also in response to the fact that actresses Shweta says. I do not know about their name, by the way, why these actresses I've no comments. It is a shame for those elders who said that my family members so he pushed me down with his best to keep up the lifestyle.

 involved in prostitution Shweta Prasad

 involved in prostitution Shweta Prasad

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